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Sixth International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion

November 1 - 5, 2009, Doubletree Paradise Valley Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona







October 10, 2009

Download IPBEP 6 Book of Abstracts, HERE

Download ISBEP 6 Program, HERE (Last Updated on October 26, 2009)


August 22, 2009

You may have heard that Prof. Andrew Pakhomov has been found guilty in the case that was pending in the Alabama courts. We regret that conclusion to this long and confusing case, and believe that it is inappropriate and will be overturned.

However, ISBEP 6 Must Go On as scheduled and be conducted in the same businesslike manner as in the past, when Prof. Pakhomov was present to chair the meeting. Drs. Frank Mead and Claude Phipps will be the co-chairs. We believe that the spirit of ISBEP, and the dedication to Beamed Energy Propulsion is more important than the status of a particular person. We encourage you to contact us directly if you have any questions concerning this conference, and don't hesitate to encourage your friends to attend!

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May 04, 2009

From now on our members can contribute their popular articles to our website, more ...

March 18, 2009

Starting March 18, AIBEP website is getting a substantial upgrade on its capacity to conduct transactions over Internet, more ...

February 18, 2009

The scope of ISBEP was always open to applications of beamed-energy propulsion other than astronautics.  Among such areas of application, which hopefully will have more room for discussion at ISBEP 6, is Micronautics, propulsion of nano-vehicles, the field, where BEP can be of a great help.  It is worth noting that the subject of Micronautics was discussed at ISBEP from the start, when  Tokyo Tech professors Shiho and Yabe presented their ground-breaking work on x-ray propulsion.  See more ...

February 03, 2009

First call for ISBEP 6 is launched.  ISBEP 6 will be held in a place where November is still a summer month, just like it was in Kona in 2007.  However, the geographical similarity ends there: the venue where ISBEP 6 will take place is conveniently located in metropolitan area of Phoenix, only 12 miles away from  international airport  more ...

Prof. Arthur Kantrowitz

1913 - 2008

     November 29, 2008

Arthur Kantrowitz, the founder of Laser Propulsion, died in age of 95 in New York City more ...

This picture was taken at First International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion (ISBEP 1), which was held on campus of University of Alabama in Huntsville, on November 5-7, 2002. Prof. Kantrowitz received the first ISBEP Award (in his hands) for his key role in founding the field of laser populsion in early seventies.

more pictures...

October 16, 2008

All Lifetime AIBEP members will receive their plaques at ISBEP 6 Award Ceremony, more ...

October 15, 2008

AIBEP is in charge of organization of the Sixth International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion, more ...

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Sixth International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion


International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion:

  ISBEP 1: Huntsville, AL, November 5-7, 2002

   ISBEP 2: Sendai, Japan, October 20-23, 2003

   ISBEP 3: Troy, NY, October 11-14, 2004

   ISBEP 4: Nara, Japan, November 15-18, 2005

   ISBEP 5: Kona, HI, November 12-15 , 2007

   Pictures from ISBEP 5


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