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American Institute on Beamed Energy Propulsion (AIBEP) was established in August 01, 2007.  The institute is a nonprofit corporation serving the purpose

to promote the ideas, concepts and benefits of beamed-energy propulsion to research community, industry and society at large”. 

The institute was endorsed at a special panel by its President and Incorporator, Prof. Andrew V. Pakhomov (University of Alabama in Huntsville) and the Board of Directors: Dr. Franklin B. Mead, Jr. (Mead Science and Technology, Twin Oaks, California), Dr. Claude R. Phipps (Photonics Associates LLC, Santa Fe, New Mexico) and Dr. Jordin T. Kare (Jordin T. Kare Technical Consulting, Seattle, Washington) at the Fifth International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion (ISBEP 5), on November 14, 2007.  The goals of the institute, its milestones for development, international policies, expected outcomes and benefits of the organization and its membership were presented to the panel for detailed discussion. If you would like to see the slides of presentation given at ISBEP 5, click here .

AIBEP has a status of  scientific/educational Public Charity classified under article 501(c)(3) of Internal Revenue Code. This means that AIBEP is "qualified to receive  tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code." For individual donors this includes:

- federal income tax deduction up to 50% of adjusted gross income on donations;

- complete federal estate tax exemptions on bequests;

- membership fees are tax deductible minus the services provided, see Members for details.


  Corporate donors are eligible for tax deduction of up to 10% of annual taxable income donated to AIBEP.


According to Bylaws, the specific AIBEP objectives are to include but not be limited to, in agreement with provisions of state and federal laws:

(a) To promote, prepare, support and distribute proceedings of American venues of the International Symposium on Beamed Energy Propulsion (ISBEP) and similar scientific meetings and events;

(b) To unite beamed-energy propulsion research and development community by offering an association in AIBEP and maintenance of associational benefits;

(c) To facilitate collaborative efforts in research and development of beamed-energy propulsion;

(d) To collect and store the body of knowledge, comprised of research papers, articles, reviews, technical notes, reports, pamphlets, meeting proceedings, books, audio and video media and other sources of information on beamed-energy propulsion open to public.  To provide the information on beamed-energy propulsion to scholars and students in accordance with provisions of state and federal laws;

(e) To issue periodical and non-periodical printed matter pertinent to the beamed-energy propulsion;

(f) To prepare, maintain and distribute honorary and monetary awards to individuals who have significantly advanced the knowledge and understanding of beamed-energy propulsion;

(g) To educate the general public regarding the benefits of beamed-energy propulsion to society, particularly in the areas of space travel and space exploration;

(h) To prepare, maintain and distribute scholarships to students of higher education institutions pursuing advanced scientific and/or engineering degrees in the fields pertinent to the beamed-energy propulsion;

(i) To meet with governmental representatives and to provide governmental committees, agencies and boards with reports addressing research and development on beamed-energy propulsion;

(j) To engage in other lawful activities serving to the main objective of the corporation.

For viewing full version of AIBEP Bylaws, click here.

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The objectives listed above will be pursued by specific AIBEP Programs,

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