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Please, see FAQs and AIBEP Application form for details on membership classes and fees.


The following major membership benefits were foreseen upon the inception of AIBEP:


- First and foremost: participation in AIBEP means active support of the main objective: “to promote the ideas, concepts and benefits of beamed-energy propulsion to research community, industry and society at large”.

- An opportunity to participate in all AIBEP activities, including an opportunity to be selected to AIBEP committees, elected AIBEP fellow, serve at the board of directors, and  to vote.


In addition, AIBEP membership offers certain material and monetary privileges:


- 100% of annual membership fees are tax deductible (as a charitable contribution), i.e. regular, lifetime, student, and retiree annual dues are 100% deductible; any voluntary monetary or material contribution is 100% tax deductible for all members and supporters (such contribution can be made up to 50% of annual income).


- Our Corporate members / sponsors can contribute with 100% deduction of up to 10% of taxable income (IRS granted AIBEP status of IRC 501(c)(3) Public Charity).  Our Corporate members are listed as sponsors for all AIBEP activities (including ISBEP).


- Every annual due paid allows $20 deduction off next ISBEP registration fee.  If ISBEP is to be held outside US, AIBEP will cover the difference to the organizing party.  Thus at current ISBEP meeting rate on every second year a member in good standing will have up to $40 deduction from registration fee.  Assuming that ISBEP registration fee for students and retirees will stay at $40 as it was so far, ISBEP registration for student and retiree AIBEP members in good standing will be free.  If member misses the meeting, the accumulated discount (up to $40) can be applied toward the purchase of ISBEP Proceedings from AIBEP.


- Welcome package for every new member.


- Free access to the BEP Library (see the presentation in "About Us").


Plus, in the future:  


- Specific web postings opened only for members and viewable by all, such as, for example, job search ads, equipment sales, exchange, advertisement, etc.


- Privilege to receive AIBEP Bulletin and contribute (!) to it. (Ideally ISBEP Bulletin should be a magazine which carries BEP-pertinent articles, notes, ads, etc. which go beyond ISBEP scope.  This will offer a lot of new possibilities: bios and interviews with ISBEP awardees, discussions on any BEP-related topics, editorial notes, pertinent advertisement, historical sketches and, perhaps one or two invited articles can be added to it, etc.) However, realistically speaking, the maintenance of such periodical requires a robust $100k+ budget, editorial board, permanent staff and broad readers audience.  Electronic newsletter can be a first step in this direction.


- more ...  



 Comments / Questions / ?  Please, let us know.

Or, feel free to join us.


Please, e-mail your inquiries to:;

our mailing address is: AIBEP, P.O. Box 1907, Madison, AL, 35758